Water Desalination And The Power Industry

The importance of water for a human life is known to everyone. It is a fact that a human being cannot survive without water. Water is not important only for drinking, but there are many other purposes for which water is important and those purposes are related to the lives of human beings. For example, food industries and agriculture industry cannot run without water, not just any water, these industries require clean water so to provide hygienic and healthy food to people. In those areas of the world where water scarcity is a very big problem, people are dying because of hunger. The reason is that there is not enough water to produce enough food for people and even if there is, water that is not clean and it is causing many serious diseases.

It is a fact that industries cannot run without electric power and the lack of water is causing constant power breakdowns. In many Asian countries power breakdowns have become a constant problem and because of that many industries are forced to close down. To create electricity, there are power plants, which need water to run, and the shortage of water is resulting in to increase in power break down. That has not just decreased the food resources but also make things expensive too because the production cost is increased.

To resolve all these problems, industries are now using water desalination systems to clean the water, which is available, and make it hygienic or good enough to be reused for the same purpose. The water desalination system was started in 1970 but it was not on the very big scale. Now because of the required water desalination is happening on a very big scale in all over the world. In a research, which was conducted in June 2013, it was said that there are 17,277 desalination plants working in all over the world on big and small scales. China is using these desalination plants and also the industrial water treatment systems on a very big level. Not just that, this country is also using different elements to produce power with so that they can decrease the requirement of water. There are different technologies, which are being used in different industries to clean the water or recycle it so that industries can reuse it. This has not just decreased the requirement of water but it has also decreased the cost of the industries. With these desalination plants and system, it is hard to say that water scarcity will end but it is guaranteed that the constant decrease in water availability can be controlled.

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